Sunday, December 9, 2012

Aussie Curves- Mixing Patterns

This week the Aussie Curves challenge is about mixing patterns. It's not something I've really tried on purpose before. I love patterns and have a lot of them, I just haven't mixed them together! I decided on trying to mix both colours and patterns, why not jump right in the deep end, right? I love the red and blue colour combo, and thought I'd try mixing my polka dot shirt with my floral skirt. I think it works!

I picked up the polka dot shirt a little while ago from Big W. The skirt is a Target brand find from the op shop (must have been back in the day when they made coloured plus-size stuff). The skirt is a bit big, I had to safety pin it at the back. 

My shoes are from Best and Less, they were only $10 at the time, and came in a snug size 11. My hair bow and necklace are from my favourite local markets, the Olive Tree Markets. My bracelet set is from Yours Clothing. I like the colours and the elastic which means it fits my wrist, but the quality isn't great. The knots on it made from string or something, are starting to unravel.

I bet the other Aussie Curves ladies have some great pattern mixes, check them out below!

Outfit Details
Top: Big W (24)
Skirt: Thrifted (Target, 26)
Shoes: Best and Less (11)
Tardis Earrings: Etsy
Bracelet Set: Yours Clothing
Necklace and Hair Bow: Olive Tree Market

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aussie Curves- Orange

Thanks to the Aussie Curves group, I've been venturing into the colours orange and yellow. I tried out my first orange top (in this post) and loved it! Orange is such a cheery fun colour and given my love of colour I'm surprised I hadn't tried it before. I guess I thought my complexion wouldn't suit orange as I tend to look washed out in warm tone colours, but I think it looks okay. And even if it did, well so what? I want to wear things because I like them, they don't have to suit my complexion. Another fashion rule that you can follow if you want, but there's no need to!

I was going to wear my orange top again, but then I remembered this skirt. I usually play up the red tones in the skirt, but there's plenty of orange there to work with! This pretty skirt is an old Autograph one (back when they were called Sixteen Twenty Six) given to me by a friend. My black top was passed on to me by a friend too! By the way, when I have described something as "gifted" on my blog, I meant something given to me by a friend or family member, not something donated to me by a brand. I'll include more details from now on so I don't give the wrong impression. All my gifted items on the blog so far have been presents or things passed on to me from friends/family, and if I'm gifted something by a brand I'll say so clearly.

I think this orange hair flower is my biggest so far. The flower and skirt together make me think of tropical vacations. :-) The skirt is lovely and comfortable and swishy.

Trying to show you my accessories here. Hair flower and earrings are from Big W. My unicorn necklace wasn't photographing very well today, so further down is a better photo from another time.

Unicorn necklace from Catfight Collections.

Check out below the other ladies rocking some orange!

Outfit Details
Skirt: Gifted from a friend (Sixteen Twenty Six, 22)
Top: Gifted from a friend (Katies, no size on tag)
Necklace: Catfight Collections
Earrings: Big W
Hair Flower: Big W
Shoes: Payless (11)

Aussie Curves- Dark

I almost didn't get this theme done this week, I've been busy, and dark isn't really a theme I'm into. I have one black dress that I'm saving when we have the LBD theme, and most of my other dark shade colours were used in previous weeks. I could just wear all black, but I'm not a fan, wearing all black makes me feel depressed. Then I remembered I had this spotty dress.

Yes it's black, but the white spots make it fun. I picked this dress up at Best and Less for about $40 years ago and it's really been value for money. The pattern reminds me of a starry sky. It is comfy and easy to wear too.

I usually pair this dress with red accessories, but I went with purple to keep it more in the "dark" theme. The bag I'm holding is a vintage bag that used to be my Mum's when she was young and single. :-)

Just trying to show you all my accessories in one pic. The necklace is from the op shop, the bracelet from a market, the hair flower from Target, and I made the button earrings myself. I added the hair ribbon to the pendant, I think it goes nicely. Also, you can adjust the length really easily, which I like.

Isn't the embroidery pattern on the bag cute?

Outfit Details
Dress: Best and Less (20)
Necklace: Op shop/ thrifted
Earrings: Made by me
Hair Flower: Target
Bracelet: Market
Shoes: Payless (11)