Friday, April 26, 2013

Aussie Curves- Pyjamas

This week the Aussie Curves theme is pyjamas (or pajamas, which is the American spelling). I'm a big fan of them, I like comfy and if they're cute it's a bonus. Best and Less came up with both, I can never resist polka dots! 

I'm currently reading The Enchanted Wood to my kids. It's great that they're old enough to start hearing all my childhood bedtime favourites. I can't wait to show them Narnia and Hogwarts when they get a bit older.

Outfit Details
Top: Best and Less (24)
Bottoms: Best and Less (24)
Slippers: Big W (9-11)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Aussie Curves- Maxi Dress

As I prepared for the maxi dress challenge, I realised that I had three maxi dresses, and that all of them had been featured on the blog already. I didn't want to spend any money, so I decided to show you the same dress but styled differently. I'd worn my stripey dress before styled in red, so I'm showing you it styled in green.

The dress and the cardigan is from Big W. I wish Big W would bring more cardies in bright colours out, it's so hard to find them in my size. There were some bright pink ones in stock the other day, but only in size 18. 

I love my Mario bag. I bought it off ebay ages ago, and its held up well. Strongly made and bright, what's not to love! My Volleys are from Big W too, from the men's department since the women's don't go up to size 11. They were cheap, about $10 if I remember correctly.

My necklace was a gift from a friend, its a brooch or a necklace. I wanted to wear it as a necklace so I cobbled together a ribbon using the loops cut off from my green cardigan. One of these days I'll get a long ribbon and do it properly.

Outfit Details
Dress: Big W (26)
Cardigan: Big W (26)
Shoes: Big W (11)
Necklace and Bracelet: Gift from friends
Hair flower: Target
Belt: Asos Curve

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Aussie Curves- Androgenous

Well, I didn't think I'd manage to get a post up this week, as I had a tooth pulled out and am still on painkillers and have lots of pain which makes it hard to concentrate. But I had an outfit in mind, and managed to pop outside and get them done in time. I tend to gravitate to dresses, but I wear my fair share of shorts and trousers so coming up with an outfit wasn't too hard. I wanted to inject my personality into the theme, so I've got lots of colour, and some nerdiness thrown in.

I dug out my coloured jeans from Big W and my blazer from Asos Curve, which took care of the colour. My Astroboy t-shirt supplied nerdiness. My hat is a favourite of mine, picked up from the op shop, and actually fits my large head.

Blazer: Asos Curve (26)
Jeans: Big W (26)
T-shirt: Cafepress (3)
Shoes: Target (11)
Hat: Op shop

Monday, April 1, 2013

Aussie Curves- Belts

It was a strange feeling, picking my belt to show you and then choosing my outfit- usually it's the other way round! I wanted to pick a quiet dress so the belt would get all the attention. This belt is from Domino Dollhouse, I hadn't had the chance to wear it yet, so belt week was the perfect time. I continued the pink and white theme with my accessories. 

This dress is from Asos Curve, a similar style to this one. Once again, it's too big up top but perfect down bottom. I've pinned it a bit, and will probably have a go at sewing it later, so it's not always slipping and showing my bra.

I have quite a few belts, all hanging on the back of my door. They are mostly from Asos Curve and op  (thrift) shops. I like comfort in my clothes so I don't wear belts all the time, but I do like how they add something to an outfit. 

Outfit Details
Dress: Asos Curve (26)
Belt: Domino Dollhouse
Sandals: Big W (11)
Earrings: Kmart
Hair Flower: Big W