Saturday, April 13, 2013

Aussie Curves- Androgenous

Well, I didn't think I'd manage to get a post up this week, as I had a tooth pulled out and am still on painkillers and have lots of pain which makes it hard to concentrate. But I had an outfit in mind, and managed to pop outside and get them done in time. I tend to gravitate to dresses, but I wear my fair share of shorts and trousers so coming up with an outfit wasn't too hard. I wanted to inject my personality into the theme, so I've got lots of colour, and some nerdiness thrown in.

I dug out my coloured jeans from Big W and my blazer from Asos Curve, which took care of the colour. My Astroboy t-shirt supplied nerdiness. My hat is a favourite of mine, picked up from the op shop, and actually fits my large head.

Blazer: Asos Curve (26)
Jeans: Big W (26)
T-shirt: Cafepress (3)
Shoes: Target (11)
Hat: Op shop

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