Friday, April 26, 2013

Aussie Curves- Pyjamas

This week the Aussie Curves theme is pyjamas (or pajamas, which is the American spelling). I'm a big fan of them, I like comfy and if they're cute it's a bonus. Best and Less came up with both, I can never resist polka dots! 

I'm currently reading The Enchanted Wood to my kids. It's great that they're old enough to start hearing all my childhood bedtime favourites. I can't wait to show them Narnia and Hogwarts when they get a bit older.

Outfit Details
Top: Best and Less (24)
Bottoms: Best and Less (24)
Slippers: Big W (9-11)


  1. Love the dots! I loved Nania when I was young. My dad used to read us the Superfudge books :)

  2. Sooo comfy! I LOVE Best & Less pjs!