Monday, August 27, 2012

Aussie Curves: Red

This week on the Aussie Curves Challenge we're doing "Red". An easy theme for me as I love red- it makes me feel confident and happy. It was a matter of which red item to choose. I finally decided on this awesome gingham dress from Asos Curve (a new purchase so it was my first wear out!). I ordered a 24, which is a little big on top, but still doable.

It was a super windy day so I stuck my hair in pigtails. The material of the dress is cotton- comfy and breathable. I can see myself wearing this a lot in summer. I also love feeling like I'm wearing a cafe tablecloth. ;-)

I know it's not red (I wanted a red one but they were sold out) but I slipped a Domino Dollhouse petticoat underneath the dress to give it more foof. Everyone should have one of these in their wardrobe, they are SO comfy and soft, not scratchy at all.

Another awesome thing about this dress- it has pockets. Good size pockets!

I popped on some bracelets from Yours Clothing, they came in a set of 3- red, white and blue. They are a good size for my thick wrists.

This little owl necklace is one of my favourites. I picked him up from my local artisans market, The Olive Tree Markets. All the wares there are handmade. The owl came with a chain that my kids promptly broke, so I threaded in a ribbon which I actually like much better.

These earrings were picked up for $3 at a market at my son's school. I like the interesting design on them.

My shoes were such a bargain- picked up from Best and Less for $10! I couldn't believe they had a size 11. I love the polka dots inside.

Of course a red dress needs a red lipstick! This is a cheapie from Aldi, which then promptly stopped stocking the shade. Oh well I'll enjoy it while it lasts. My favourite polka dot hair bow is also from the Olive Tree Markets.

This is last time you'll see me with long hair! I got my hair cut short recently and I love it.
Check out below to see what the other lovely Aussie Curve ladies are doing with the red theme.

Outfit Details
Dress: Asos Curve (24)
Petticoat: Domino Dollhouse (2x)
Shoes: Best and Less (11)
Necklace and Hair clips: The Olive Tree Market
Earrings: market


  1. I. Love. Your. OWL NECKLACE! That is all.

    Ok, not really. You're gorgeous in that dress! Love the whole outfit! :-)

  2. Wow you're brave! I looked at that dress and thought it was super quirky and cool but knew I couldn't pull it off. Can't wait to see your new do!

  3. Loving the dress. Get the top taken in to fit you. You look amazing in it, but it needs a little tweaking to finish it. I think it would totally be worth it. Love the petticoat, think that might go on my wish list! I think this is my fav outfit of yours. Lookin good.

  4. Ok so the purple petticoat looks amazing with the red gingham - a flash of extra colour that would turn heads I would think!!

  5. You look fabulous, love your style and can't wait to see the new hairdo ;)

  6. I love all the pretty accessories! The red bow are perfect for piggy tails!

  7. This dress is just the cutest thing! x

  8. I am IN LOVE with this dress! It is so cute and fun, I adore it!
    Love this look on you.


  9. That dress is so cute! It's amazing how seeing a dress on someone changes my opinion on things, on the ASOS site, I was like 'ehh', but seeing you in it, I love it!!

  10. I LOVE this. It's so Dorothy. It makes me want to twirl, actually. Shall we twirl? ;)

  11. I am in love with your necklace!!!

  12. I love the dress ,what a fun outfit !

  13. NH (United States) here. That would look so cute and have been perfect at a big country BBQ I just attended. You are the cutest thing! Love ur site.