Saturday, August 4, 2012

Polka Dots and Coloured Jeans

Today was a beautiful winter day- sunny with no icy wind. The perfect day to go to my local artisan market, The Olive Tree Market. I picked up some presents for family and friends, and my friend bought me some hair bows to give to me on my birthday (not until October, so I'll have to wait a while!).
The occasion called for cheerful colours and polka dots (though to be honest, when does it not?!).

I am so impressed with Big W at the moment. Their plus size section still has a way to go (need more options, and larger sizes) but they are really making an effort to provide fashionable bright coloured clothing. Having visited K-Mart and Target, Big W are miles ahead. All I saw at the previous shops were shapeless, boring drab clothes. Big W has fun colours and prints, even short skirts! Their sizing seems to be running a little small though, so that could be improved. I've sent tweets to Big W praising them for their efforts and suggesting where they could improve, and will be emailing K-Mart and Target in the near future. We need to stand up for our fashion rights friends! Target's slogan is that they provide stylish living for all Australians- well I'm Australian and I'm not seeing any style in my clothing section!

I love the polka dot shirts Big W are stocking at the moment. They come in black, white and bright blue. I bought a blue one too (only $15!). I chose a 24, for I wanted a slightly baggy fit. There is a bit of detail on the top sleeves- ruching and a little cut-out. I like that they've made it a little interesting.

Big W have a range of cheap ($25) coloured jeans at the moment. The legs are straight-cut, the material is stretchy and a little thin. They come in red, blue, green and neon pink.

I love my blazer from Autograph. I am wearing it nearly every day, it goes with everything, and gives a bit of structure to my dresses. Today I put some pins on- they are pictures of budgies. I have a budgie and the last pin looks just like him. 

Outfit Details

Blazer: Autograph (22)
Jeans: Avella for Big W (26)
Polka Dot top: Avella for Big W (24)
Pink top: Big W (22)
Pins: Blackbird Corner
Hair flower: Local boutique
Shoes: Target (11)



  1. Oh! I love this outfit SO MUCH! Those jeans look great on you, I wish the pink looked as good on me. I am going to have to check out those tops though, I do love some good polka dots!

  2. oh oh oh!!! I looked at this jeans yesterday!! I will have to try some on now! You look fab, and I agree about polka dots! xx

  3. I thought these clothes looked really good on the rack, but then I picked them up and the t-shirts are REALLY thin, weak fabric. Plus they're sized super small too.

    You're rocking the outfit though!