Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweet Like Candy

I now have a tripod (woohoo) thanks to my Dad, who bought one about 40 years ago and never used it. Obviously I still have lots to learn about where in the sun to stand, but at least you now have another outfit post. Outside, even!

I wanted to put together a fun and cute outfit, and after discovering the Etsy shop Em & Sprout, I knew of the perfect t-shirt to pull it all together. This shirt goes up to a 2x, which is around an Aus size 22. If you have bigger boobs than me (DD) and am a size 22, you might find the shirt pulls across the chest a bit. It does a little with me, but not enough to cause any issues. I love the colour and the cute print. I have a fondness for graphic tees, especially geeky ones, but have so much trouble finding any in plus sizes, let alone in colours other than black or white. Threadless, why you no make the plus sizes for women?!

My gorgeous stripey socks came from Sock Dreams, and were a bit of a splurge. I love them, they're very roomy stretch-wise, and they come to halfway up my thighs. The down side is that they roll down, but I'm trying to solve the problem- I've ordered some sock garters. The other socks in the order fit too (except the marone ones) and you may see them in future outfit posts.

Like my hair flower? I got it from Best and Less, along with some more colours. I love the shape and how it sits on my hair. Crocodile clips work so well on my thick slippery hair, better than hair clips.

Outfit Details

Long sleeve shirt: Avella for Big W (22)
Sweet tooth shirt: Em & Sprout (2x)
Bubblegum stripe socks: Sock Dreams
Hair flower: Best and Less
Skirt: Autograph (24)
Shoes: Big W (10)

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