Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polka Dots

Today I wore my blue oversized polka dot blouse from Domino Dollhouse. It's sheer, comfortable and I love the bright blue with the polka dots. It was another cold day, so I layered a black singlet, long sleeve black top (which took care of the sheer issue) and put on my dark denim jeans from Autograph. Believe it or not, the hair flower clip did not come with the shirt, it was a local buy, it came with a scarf. I'm a big fan of Domino Dollhouse, I love their stuff, and how you can always find something that's affordable. Shipping is pretty reasonable too, around $20, sometimes less if your item is light. Go visit their site and have a browse, you won't be sorry!

Outfit Details

Polka dot top: Domino Dollhouse (2x)
Black top: Big W (24)
Black singlet top (underneath): Big W (22)
Jeans: Autograph (22)
Domino necklace: made by a friend
Bracelets: Yours Clothing
Hair flower clip: local boutique


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