Thursday, September 8, 2011


I finally got an outside shot, thanks to a friend popping over. I'm trying out my We Love Colors tights and new Asos Curve tutu skirt. The skirt is lovely, though too large for me in the waist, I've been pinning it in with a safety pin. I stopped wearing the black knit vest later on, I think I popped it on because I was feeling a bit nervous going to pick up my kids from school in this outfit- I really stand out amongst all the other very casually dressed parents. For some reason the vest made me feel a bit safer. Weird I know.

I love the striped stockings from We Love Colors. Reminds me of Tim Burton movies. I love how the stockings look with my shoes. The tights only just fit though, they are a bit tight around the tops of my thighs. It would be great if We Love Colors offered some more plus sizes in this pattern.

A close up of my necklace, it's a favourite that I wear a lot. Both the polka dot clip and the necklace were picked up at the local artisan markets.

I promise this is the last of my mirror photos- I finally figured out the self timer on my camera. :-)

Outfit Details
Top: Big W (20)
Skirt: Asos Curve (24)
Vest: Best and Less (L)
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Big W (10)
Accessories: The Olive Tree Markets

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