Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aussie Curves- Colour Clash

Just back from my holidays, and sneaking in this week's Aussie Curves challenge. I found this theme hard, namely because I tend to dress in as many colours as I can get away with, so trying to figure out an outfit that clashed was tricky. Purple and orange? Pink and green? Blue and purple? Yellow and purple? Red and pink? Well I wear those combos regularly. Even now, I don't think my outfit clashes, it just presents you with so many colours that it may hurt your eyes. So fair warning! Haha.

This rainbow tunic is fantastic. I got it on sale at Autograph ($20) and it's long enough to wear as a dress (which I do in summer). Usually I wear it belted but I couldn't be bothered this time.

The jeans are also Autograph (on sale for $20, which is how I buy most of my clothes). They are pull on, comfy and in a shade I don't usually wear. I thought the bright primary colours of the tunic might clash with the softer shade pink of my jeans. In theory. To top off my rainbow outfit, my aqua shoes and mauve hair flower. I figure with all the colours I'm wearing, something has to clash right?

Outfit Details
Long sleeve top: Big W (22)
Rainbow tunic: Autograph (24)
Coloured Jeans: Autograph (24)
Shoes: Wild Surf Co (men's 10)
Hair Flower: Best and Less


  1. You look amazing! Love it.

  2. Oh, that rainbow tunic is to die for! I have Tunic Envy!!!

    1. Haha it's only fair, I covet most of your outfits! :-) You would rock a rainbow tunic.

  3. I think you're right, the colours come together beautifully, even though you'd assume there would be a clash. One of the other ladies quoted a definition for clash along the lines of coming together or running into each other. It absolutely fits under that definition.

    I love your colourful outfits. They make me happy and I adore the crafty way you put them together so they are really appealing to the eye too. Man, I hope that comes out right. Short version? Love your style lady!