Monday, July 1, 2013

Comic Print Dress

I am still waiting for the stars to align (ie stop raining) to do my usual Aussie Curves post. However, I have some other photos to share with you that I took over a week ago, then my internet ran out for the month and I was blogless for a little while. I've been looking forward to sharing this fabulous comic print dress from Yours Clothing with you. I put aside a little bit of money each fortnight ($10) so now and then I can indulge in a expensive (for me) clothes purchase. Usually I spend it on Domino Dollhouse clothes, but this dress was too amazing to pass up. 

This dress is so me- fun and obnoxiously colourful. And in the skater style that I like. I kept the accessories pretty simple, my usual hair flower, bow belt from Asos Curve and yellow handbag.

The material is polyester, but a nice thick fabric with a bit of stretch that feels sturdy. I ordered my usual 24 and it fitted fine, except for squashing my boobs a little. If you're bigger than a DD cup you might want to size up.

I'm trying to show you a close up of the amazing fabric, there's so much going on in it, and every time I look at it I see something new.

Outfit Details
Dress: Yours Clothing (24)
Leggings: Autograph (M)
Shoes: Kmart (11)
Handbag: Kmart
Belt: Asos Curve
Hair Flower: Big W
Earrings: made by me


  1. Oh wow! You look great. And I love your saving strategy - as someone who is both poor and bad with money I tend to get depressed when fatshion bloggers can a) afford expensive things, b) say they "just saved up for it" 'cause I can't save that kind of money. But 10 dollars (or euros, in my case) every two weeks is not bad at all! And you still get to have nice things two-three times a year without feeling guilty. Might try that one myself. :)

    1. Oh me too Elina! I'm on a low income myself so I totally understand. I hope you're able to try it out and get some nice things. :-) xx