Sunday, September 8, 2013

Aussie Curves- $50 Outfit

I was looking forward to this week's challenge. Assembling a $50 outfit is easy for me, so I decided to challenge myself by trying to include everything in the total- jewelry and shoes. I'm a budget fatshionista at heart.

This dress is from one of Autograph's sales. I love how Autograph has regular sales, with lots of savings (like 70% off). This dress was $20, marked down from $80 (I think, it was a while ago). It's very comfy, and the pink and black colour scheme was something a little different for me.

All my jewelry is from my local op shop. I try to go op shopping regularly, and often find bargains there. It is true that the clothes available rapidly decrease after a size 22, but sometimes I get lucky. And there are always jewelry and accessories to look at. I don't have a lot of income available for clothes, so putting together outfits for under $50 is pretty much a way of life.

Outfit Details

Dress: $20 (Autograph, 22)
Necklace: $2 (op shop)
Earrings: $2 (op shop)
Bracelet: $1 (op shop)
Hair flower: $2 (Best and Less)
Shoes: $10 (Kmart, 11)

Total Outfit Cost: $37


  1. Love the dress :) You look beautiful

  2. Wow Bek, $37!?! That is awesome! And I love the dress on you, little bit feminine with the swirly pink pattern, but I think with the black you could dress this up or down, depending on where you wear it. I lived in Newcastle and worked in Toronto and Morriset and I LOVED the op shops of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Maitland. Which are you favourite op shops of the Hunter?

  3. Cute Dress and great bargain at $20! $37 all up?! awesome!

  4. Love bargain op-shopping. I always find some brilliant accessories when I go as well.