Monday, March 18, 2013

Aussie Curves- Yellow

I had a yellow top all picked out for this week's yellow challenge, but then this lovely dress came in the mail from the Asos sales and I had to show it off. I love the flower print, I feel like I'm wearing a garden. This yellow handbag from Kmart brought out the yellow in the dress a bit more, and I painted my nails too!

The dress is a lovely soft jersey, very comfortable. I went for the higher size instead of my usual 24, and was happy with the fit, even though it's a little big up top. I like the 3/4 sleeves, will be great for the inbetween Autumn weather.

I tried painting my nails yellow but the polish was too thin and it didn't work. I was happy with my second attempt- Opi's Blue My Mind and my son's glitter gold polish he bought from the local chemist with his pocket money. I love the blue/yellow combo.

Dress: Asos Curve (26)
Hair Flower: Big W
Unicorn Necklace: Catfight Collectioons
Handbag: Kmart
Shoes: Big W (11)
Nails: Opi base coat, Opi Blue My Mind, Moda gold glitter and Opi Top Coat


  1. That's a lovely dress; it gives you a great shape. Off to see what I can find in the ASOS sale!

  2. I love that unicorn necklace!!! You look great! xoxo

  3. Very cute dress! I agree, great for Autumn and those in between temperature days!

  4. Love this dress on you Bek. Hmmmm, now I want it too. LOL

  5. Ah, that dress is great! I kind of want to go and buy it for myself now!

  6. you look lovely, what a cute dress!