Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fat Bitch E-Course Week 1

I have started an e-course from the lovely NearSighted Owl, titled "How to Be a Fat Bitch". In Rachelle's words "A fat bitch is confident, out-spoken and proud of who she is.The course is free, comes with an assignment each week and discussion in the comments. 

I'm starting a little late, but I'm going to start at week one and see how I go. This week is about not viewing yourself as having given up. Don't let people shame you for existing in a fat body. I like the quote she included from Lesley Kinzel "The people who get angriest about fat girls looking good and feeling hot are the people who are the most strongly invested in the idea that a person has to be skinny in order to be happy, healthy, and loved." 

The assignment this week is to write down five things that you are going to do to make you happy. Five things for yourself and your well-being. This is what I came up with:

1. Paint my nails
I have lots of pretty polishes, and rarely bother to take the time to paint them. But when I do make the effort, they make me smile when I look at them. So I want to do this more.

2. Play my guitar
My acoustic guitar has been sitting in my room being neglected for a long time. Time to get it and sing, and feel happy.

3. Play Just Dance on the Wii more often
I find Just Dance (1 and 2) fun, and should make the time to do it more often, as there's not much movement I enjoy. My fav song is Big Girls You Are Beautiful, which has a fat lady on screen to copy (awesome).

4. Have a try at making a skirt
I have had plans to try a basic skirt with elastic waist for ages, but keep being too worried about failing to even try it. I even bought some cute cheap vintage pattern sheets to try out my skirt on to encourage me. Must just jump in and have a try.

5. Dye my hair more often
Another self care thing that I tend to put off, but I feel so good when I get around to it. I have a dark purply tinged dye waiting in the bathroom right now.

I'm going to try and do most of these things this week, and then move onto Week Two.
Thank you Rachelle for such a great Ecourse idea!

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