Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi everyone!
I'm Bek, who lives in Australia. I've been reading a lot of fatshion blogs this year and you girls have inspired me, encouraged me, and given me the courage to try posting some outfits of my own.
Many thanks to my friend Dionne who tirelessly took all these photos whilst sick. I'm afraid my photos after this won't be so fancy.

Yeah, I can be a bit silly. :-)

My style ranges from pretty dresses, retro, thrifted to casual. I love quirky accessories, bright jewel-tone colours and things that are easy to move in (as I have two little active boys). My budget is limited, but my creativity is not. :-) Here is my first outfit.

Jacket: No Exceptions Clothing
Top: Best and Less
Skirt: Thrifted- Millers
Tights: We Love Colours- violet
Shoes: Big W
Necklace & Headband: The Olive Tree Markets

The purple and red colour combo is a favourite one at the moment. I was so excited when I found that skirt at the op shop, it was brand new with the shop tag still on it. It was a size 22, I usually go for a 24 in bottoms, but it always pays to try on thrift shop stuff. Luckily it did fit, it just sat a little higher on my waist than it was meant to. The jacket is great, I do a proper review of it over at Fat Heffalump's blog here.
The best part of the jacket is the back. Ruffles and lacing! So good.

So, onto accessories. This headband was a great find, the first one that didn't give me a headache to wear. In Newcastle, where I live, there is a monthly artisan market called The Olive Tree Markets. So many cute things and beautiful things that people can make, headband included. 

The owl necklace is gorgeous, from the same markets. It came with a fine silver chain, which didn't survive my kids. I found a hair ribbon in my dressing table drawer, and threaded it through instead. I like it better this way, I can adjust the length, and the colour is better.

That's it for my first post, feel free to leave me a comment, and looking forward to next time!

Bek xoxo :-)


  1. Cute! The jacket's fab and I love how you've injected a bit of colour into the outfit.

  2. Welcome to Fatshion! So glad to see you've jumped on in! (Love the colourful layout by the way.)

  3. Thanks for dropping by! Yeah I figured I needed a lot of colour, given my style. :-) I'm known for my colour combos, according to my friends.

  4. I love the lacing on the back of the coat. Plus the purple tights! I have a thing for purple tights!