Monday, October 29, 2012

Aussie Curves- Skirts

Just a quick post today, I've had a busy weekend of birthday outings, and then on my actual birthday yesterday I spent it with a migraine and vomiting. So today I'm feeling a bit shaky and I'm living in sunglasses. But I didn't want to miss another week of Aussie Curves, so here is my skirt outfit (minus any jewelry 'cos I'm too spaced out from yesterday to think about it).

This skirt was an op shop find, original brand "Woman" from Best and Less. It's a size 22 so I hike it up to under my bra and it hangs fine. I love the cheerful pattern. 

Yes you're seeing my Sweet Tooth shirt again, what can I say, it goes well with so many of my outfits! I remix things a lot, so you may as well get used to it.

Outfit Details
Top: Em&Sprout from Etsy (2x)
Skirt: Thrifted (originally Best and Less) (22)
Shoes: Wild Surf Co (10)
Polka Dot Hair Bow: Olive Tree Markets


  1. This is a really cute print, I can see that skirt getting a lot of wear through the warmer months :)

  2. That skirt is Best and Less. Really?! The colours are amazing. Love it!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. You're always such a vibrant and happy post to visit. This skirt makes me want to twirl! It's so cute.

  4. What a great thrift find Bek! Super cute outfit this week.

  5. Very cute skirt! And I'm loving those shoes :)

  6. As always you look like you had so much fun!!!
    loving the colours. that skirt is so pretty

  7. awww Bek you are always a rainbow vision! xx