Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm so excited to tell you about my first foray into the shade of orange! I have always stayed away from it, figuring it wouldn't go with my colouring, but this shirt caught my eye with its lace yoke and bright colour. I was walking past Millers on the way to do some grocery shopping- I usually don't bother looking in there as they only go up to a small size 22. But the top looked roomy and is very stretchy, so I gave it a go. There was a bright pink version which I usually would have chosen, but I wanted to be different. I paired it with my Asos Curve jersey pencil skirt, and wore them both for the first time today. I've taken a few photos as I wanted to show you the different ways I wore the shirt.

The shirt is very loose with not much structure to it, but it's very comfy and the lace is soft and not scratchy at all. The material is a bit sheer, but I'm wearing a dusky-coloured bra so it doesn't show that much. Darker coloured bras really show, not quite ready for that look yet. :-) The skirt is so comfortable to wear, I sized up to 26 but I probably could have stuck with 24 as the waistband is a little loose. But I like being comfortable so that's ok. I like how the stretchy fabric stops the skirt from impeding my movement.

A close up of the lace. I paired it with my orange earrings and purple flower along with a dark purple stone necklace from my Grandma. I like how the bright orange looks with my pale skin. My darker hair from dyeing earlier in the week helps too. Below are some different lengths to wear the top- I wore the left hand one most of the day. The right hand photo is the full shirt- I like the way it scoops at the front and back. My favourite way of wearing it was the left-hand photo- shirt slightly tucked under, no belt. What's your favourite?

Outfit Details
Top: Millers (22)
Skirt: Asos Curve (26)
Shoes: Target (11)
Necklace: Gifted
Earrings: Target
Hair Flower: Target