Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aussie Curves- Knits

I love it when an outfit I put together in my head looks great on. This week our Aussie Curves challenge was knits. I decided to go full-on everything knit, and to pull out my rainbow socks for their first wear.

Knitted dress is from Asos Curve. I have it in red too, I bought it on clearance and though it is prone to pilling it's a great comfy dress. And a nice neutral palette for showing off my rainbow cardigan and socks. My cardy was given to me by a friend (it was too bright for her) and I love the mix of pink and red, with pops of green and turquoise. 

The fabulous socks are from Sock Dreams. They pull up to under my knee, and didn't fall down at all (I wore them the whole day). I think they would go higher on smaller legs. A bit pain of pain was involved in getting them up my legs- the top cuff is very tight and didn't want to stretch over my 20 inch calves. But once I got them over the biggest part they were fine.

Going with the rainbow theme, I pulled out one of my favourite necklaces, a unicorn from a local pin-up style shop, Catfight Collections. They have an online shop and are worth checking out.

Outfit Details
Dress: Asos Curve (24)
Cardigan: Gifted (Size XL Brand Hot! Collections) 
Rainbow socks: Sock Dreams
Necklace: Catfight Collections
Shoes: Big W (10)
Earrings: Market
Hair Bow: Olive Tree Market
Belt: Yours Clothing


  1. It just wouldn't be possible not to smile when wearing that much rainbow!! :)

  2. That unicorn necklace is so cool!! What I think is awesome is hot the striped cardigan actually goes really well with the striped dress! I wouldn't have thought it would, but it looks really great! Goes to show you just have to try mixing things up sometimes!

  3. BRB, shopping at sock dreams and catfight collections...

    This is a wonderful outfit Bek! You look amazing, the belt at the waist shows off your fabulous shape. I love all of your outfits, but I reckon this is the best one yet.

  4. your socks are THE BEST!!! looooove them!! :) You look like you really enjoyed spening time in your rainbow outfit!! I always say, if it's not fun...don't do it! & this outfit is so fun, haha :)

  5. So cute! I love how all the stripes look together, and the unicorn necklace is so cute. :) I have similar socks, but mine are from Domino Dollhouse.

  6. So many sripes I'm blinded! Loving the combo: the more rainbow-tastic the better! That unicron necklace is super-fab too!

  7. You're a classic Bek, you can get away with anything, Good On YOU, Well Done ;)

  8. I loooooove your rainbow cardigan!!! I want one! Looking great, I love checking out your outfits, they always make me smile.

  9. wow colour!!!!! great look.
    im in love with the necklace :D

  10. You're SO cool. Love all the colours and I NEED that adorable necklace. It's amazing.

  11. I've never thought of putting a belt over a cardi. Thanks for the inspiration. P.S. I love the socks!