Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blue and Green should always be seen

I really don't get that old "blue and green should never be seen" saying. It occurs pretty regularly in nature, and in my wardrobe! This outfit was supposed to be part of stripes week but I was delayed due to being on holidays at my parent's house. So here it is, a pop of colour for you. And lots of different sorts of stripes. 

This outfit is super comfy, everything is stretchy and soft. The skirt I picked up from Big W, it has a tendency to ride up my thighs as I walk (all straight skirts do on me) but putting a slip underneath solved that problem. 

The top I picked up years ago from Target, when they were still doing non-black colours (now their plus size range is woeful). I tend to be very matchy matchy, so I like to challenge myself sometimes. The green of the top doesn't quite match the green of the skirt, and the stripes on my skirt are in a different direction than the stripes on my top- this niggles me, but it's ok. I think it still looks good.

I love my stripey shoes- I wear them with everything. The spike necklace is new- I picked it up online from Colette. My earrings are a bit hidden, they are blue and green beads. My polka dot hair flower gets worn a lot too- I think you can add polka dots to nearly any outfit. 

Outfit Details
Top: Target (22)
Skirt: Big W (26)
Shoes: Big W (11)
Necklace: Colette
Earrings: gifted
Hair flower: local boutique
Bike Pants (under skirt): Big W (22)
Slip (under skirt): Target (24)


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  1. Oh, that skirt looks SO GOOD on you! I tried it on and it looked horrid on me. Love all the stripes!