Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet Tooth Polka Dots

My final blue outfit for the week isn't what I planned- I was going to show you another blue dress. The weather turned a little too cold for it though, so here's my bright blue pants and my favourite polka dot shirt.

Me from the side, so as not to get too used to my front on angle photos. I'm 3D people. Awesomely fat on all sides. ;-)

I was inspired by some of the ladies from Aussie Curves and teamed up my light blue with my darker blue stuff. My favourite t-shirt at the moment, and my cool aqua shoes did the trick.

I love my Domino Dollhouse polka-dot top. I wear it over a lot of stuff. Polka Dots are the best. My blue jeans are from Big W, they don't fit perfectly, but they are bright and colourful so I had to have them. Screw the "pear shapes must wear dark colours on their bottom half" crap.

Extreme close up trying to show you my accessories. Like my D&D earrings? I have these and some d20 ones. I bought them from Etsy. Polka dot hair flower somehow matches my shirt, but was bought at random from a local boutique. Score!

This last photo is an attempt to show you how much I love blue, and polka dots. Polka Dots for eva!
And here ends my blue week, I hope you enjoyed it!

Outfit Details
Polka Dot shirt: Domino Dollhouse (3x)
Sweet Tooth shirt: Etsy (2x)
Blue jeans: Big W (26)
Shoes: Wild Surf Co (10)
Hair flower: local boutique
Earrings: Etsy


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